My apologies.  Due to the limitations of WordPress.COM, I am unable to stream this event.  I would encourage all of you who are interested in seeing the event to tune in via any of the other sites hosting the stream.  I have been contemplating making a change or ten for some time to accommodate reader preferences, and with this limitation, I think it is time to move on from WordPress.COM and onto a real web-host, which will be an expense, but frankly, I enjoy sharing this kind of content with you, and I don’t want to miss out again.  I’ve needed to make some changes for a while, so I am going to use this disappointment as the impetus to work toward making them.

As I said, you can still see GrizzlyFest, but not on this page. Please go to any of these to see the streamed event on Saturday, beginning at 1pm EST/10am PST:


Thank you for your patience and understanding. It’s time to make some changes. The readership has grown quite a bit, so I’m inclined to be sure that limitations of this host don’t hold the site down. As I make the changes necessary, there may be oddities on the site.  I won’t let that stop the development, and hopefully we’ll wind up with more features.