What Does He Feed It?

I’m tired of this guy.  Every time you turn around, he launches the next act in his circus, and frankly, it doesn’t impress me.  Now Donald Trump comes along to tell us that if Santorum is the nominee, he will consider running.  I don’t care if he does run.  Here comes this un-serious huckster  to tell us who the Republicans should nominate?  Thank you, but I don’t think I’ll be taking any political pointers from Donald Trump.  First he was in. Then he was out.  Then he was considering it again. Then he endorsed Romney, and I’m sure I missed two or three other changes of his mind along the line somewhere.  I know there are those who say this guy is just great, but I don’t see any evidence of it.  His fortune is immaterial to running the country, and his opinions on issues simply don’t impress me.

Trump talks in tough terms about China, but the problem is that China isn’t nearly our biggest economic concern.  It’s easy to create a bogeyman upon whom you can heap all the blame for your troubles, but it’s a much more difficult chore to address structural problems in our own country created by runaway government spending, particularly when the bulk of that spending is on various forms of hand-outs to the electorate to whom you must appeal.  More, what Trumps seems to propose is an aggressive approach to the trade deficit that could provoke a trade war.  In essence, what we have in Trump is a politically and socially liberal wealthy businessman who wants to interfere with trade.  Can I interest you in Herbert Hoover, because minus the bad hairpieces and the TV show, it’s the same profile.

I know there are many who really like Donald Trump, but I’ve examined some of his business dealings, and his reliance on the state to condemn land and other manifestations of eminent domain to develop his properties, and I find him unacceptable.  Add to this the fact that he’s little more than a sloganeer, and just ahead of a carnival barker, and I simply cannot take him seriously, but my fear is that with the state of the field on the GOP side, he might get far more traction than he deserves.  The fact that he now speaks of short-circuiting the process now that it looks as though his boy Romney won’t have such an easy path to the nomination speaks to the sort of intellectual dishonesty of which this man is capable.

Love him or hate him, it seems “The Donald” is going to stick around at least long enough to truly muck things up, and like many, I’ve long since concluded that he’s merely pulling for Barack Obama but disguising it all the way.  I don’t trust him, or anybody he endorses, and I don’t think he knows the first thing about our constitution, or governing.  I do think that the Donald and Chris Christie would make an excellent ticket for the Blowhard party, although it’s difficult to say who would produce the most wind.  Stay home Donald.  You have nothing to offer serious voters. Nothing.  His meddling in this process is nothing but an obstruction to an honest contest.  Small wonder he endorsed Mitt Romney.