Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin made two appearances on Fox Monday, first on Fox Business with Judge Andrew Napolitano, and then on Fox News with Sean Hannity.  On Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano, she was asked about how she would vote in Florida, and her calculus in making that determination. I think you will find that interesting. It was pretty clear from the outset that Napolitano was trying to lead Palin to say ROn Paul would be the superior candidate, but Governor Palin gracefully avoided that trap, pointing out that only Gingrich among the potential nominees has balanced the Federal budget and actually led to significant cuts in entitlement spending(Welfare Reform.)

On Freedom Watch:

On Hannity, she talked not only about how she would vote, but also who it is that constitutes the establishment she’d like to see overthrown. She gives some good criteria for identifying the establishment by their record, and I think that’s another important nugget she offers viewers in this interview with Hannity: