Who Are They?

One of the things we run into in each election cycle is a cacophony of liars telling us “there is no establishment in the GOP.”  I think most of my readers here agree that there is an establishment, and more, that it’s forceful, conniving, and well-heeled.  I think most of my readers agree that they’re actually the biggest impediment to electoral victory for conservatism, and that truth be told, it would be easier to beat Barack Obama with an actual conservative than it will be to defeat the RINO the establishment will try to nominate.  Since the establishment likes to deny its own existence, I’d like you to help me with a bit of identification.  I think also that most here will admit that there are two wings of the establishment, one consisting of the old guard blue-blooders mainly from the Northeast corridor, but also a wing that consists primarily of the Bush clan and its associates, although there is clear overlap.

Here’s what I’m asking, if you don’t mind devoting a few moments:  In the comments beneath this post, I’d like you to submit who you think is in the establishment, what they do, and how you’ve drawn your conclusion in a sentence or two. Also, tell me whether you think they are ‘E’ for establishment, ‘B’ for Bush clan or associate, or ‘W’ for “wannabe,” or ATA for “All the Above” if you honestly think it applies. If you think they are just general Republicans In Name Only, place an ‘R’ by their names.

For example, you might tell me:

Perino, Dana: B, Always pushes the establishment line on FoxNews, servant of Bush clan

or you might write:

Romney, Willard “Mitt”: E, Liberal Northeastern Blue-blood from well-connected political family

or even:

Rubio, Marco: B,W, Always doing the bidding of the establishment, in tight with Bush clan


Carlson, Tucker: R,W, Part of the Beltway ‘smart-set,’ progressive

Now the point here is not to start a fight, but to create a real list we can point to when we say “establishment Republican” and have some ability to define the group.  When we’re done, I’ll create a page on which I will keep this list, and every time I mention the GOP establishment in a future article, I’ll link to that page. This can continue to grow from now until doomsday, but please abide by the format demonstrated above.

This way, when we write about the GOP establishment, people will know what is meant, and who’s in that crowd.  Feel free to include office-holders, media personalities, and other well-known figures in the political sphere, such as campaign consultants and so on. Just make your case, at least briefly. You can submit as many as you like, and feel free to return as often as you like to toss more into the basket.

We all knew Florida would be difficult for anybody who didn’t have the approval of the Bush clan, and while Gingrich may pull it out, it’s going to be a hard road.  With the influence of Jeb throughout the state, I’ve had my doubts about whether anybody else could win it. This is why mapping all of this out is important. I think conservatives need to have an idea of that which confronts them.  Here’s your chance to tell me who you think constitutes the establishment.