Tea Party?

As we’ve known for some time, Mitt Romney hasn’t exactly been courting Tea Party support, and Florida’s primary campaign trail is no different.  According to Investors  Business Daily, Romney has basically ceded the Tea Party support to his competitors. I don’t understand what sort of winning campaign strategy sets out to ignore what may be one-third or more of the electorate.  Romney has never been a favorite among Tea Party folk, but it seems foolish to ignore such a large segment of Florida’s voters. Romney is currently leading in Florida, but what is remarkable is the question of “how,” if he is going to ignore the Tea Party. From the IBD article:

“Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Gary Johnson have reached out to us, but not the Romney campaign,” said Everett Wilkinson, chairman of the South Florida Tea Party. “I’ve had someone in my organization dedicated to working with the Romney campaign, but we have not heard back.”

Meanwhile, another Florida Tea Party group has apparently endorsed Gingrich. This doesn’t bode well for the candidacy of Mitt Romney. If he continues to willfully ignore Tea Party folk, not just in Florida, but around the country, even if he wins the nomination, you must ask yourself: What is he really winning?  If winning the nomination comes at any cost, but he’s not willing to talk to the Tea Party patriots, what attention will he pay them if he managed to get elected as President?

The Tea Party patriots in this country seem to be wising up to the fact that Romney’s strategy is to win without them.  There’s only one or two reasons to do so, and one of them is to avoid an association with Tea Party in a general election campaign, and the other is to be able to deal them out if he should manage to prevail.  In other words, folks, he’s either embarrassed to be seen with you, or he has no intention of letting you have a seat at the table if he becomes president.  Or both!

We all know Mitt looks down his nose at Tea Party and conservatives.  It’s the nature of the beast. He’s an establishment guy, and they really just don’t like the Tea Party. There’s no reason Tea Party should like him.