Blah Blah Blah

I’ll admit that it wasn’t a prediction fitting of Nostradamus, but only because if you’ve spent any time observing Barack Obama, you knew before he uttered his first syllable that much of what he would say would be lies.  The simple truth is that he can’t run on his record, apart from giving the go-order to take out Osama bin Laden, but then again, as others have pointed out, 99.9% of Americans wouldn’t have hesitated either. Nevertheless, the Associated Press has their fact-check of President Obama’s speech, and it’s littered with inaccuracies, but I don’t think AP catches everything.  After all, there is something disgusting about this Marxist president quoting Lincoln on government only doing that which its people can’t do better for themselves. The problem is, Barack Obama doesn’t believe there is anything that the people can do better for themselves.

You know all too well that some of the biggest lies are those made by omission, and Obama’s failure to discuss frankly the state of our economy is illustrative of that fact. In prattling on for sixty-five minutes about his 2012 wish-list, but failing to present any real agenda, he made only vague references to the state of the economy, and he spent no time explaining details.  What was supposed to be a non-political speech turned out to be nothing else but a political diatribe.   Time to go home, Mr. Obama.