Bain Alum and New OMB Director

The Wahington Examiner reports that Barack Obama has hired Jeffrey Zients to run his Office of Management and Budget(OMB.)  Zients is a former Bain guy, and some are now wondering if it’s possible that Zients knows where all the Romney skeletons are buried from early in his career with Bain.  While Zients’ time at Bain doesn’t directly overlap with Romney’s time there, it happens to fall neatly between.  The suggestion floating around is that he might know things about Romney, or even more generically, about Bain, that would serve as a potential hammer over the head of Romney should he get the GOP nomination. The Examiner’s take on the story that this hiring will disarm Obama with respect to Bain, since he’s now hired a Bain guy, but I find that unlikely.

Ladies and gentlemen, your guess is as good as mine, but this is what’s out there as we slip and slide our way closer to the South Carolina primary.