Woman on Fire

You may remember her from a previous article in which I reported to you that Ms. Barnhardt closed down her company and effectively “went Galt” over the manipulations in the futures markets, and the entire debacle of the disappearing client cash from the funds of John Corzine’s MF Global.  Apparently, Ms. Barnhardt’s opinions extend to things other than brokerages and markets, because she’s also put out a video about Mitt Romney.  She spares no criticism, and she doesn’t spare the invectives, but neither does she attack his Bain Capital record, but instead, his record as governor of Massachusetts.  In this video, she’s on fire, referring to Obamacare as “Romney-care’s demon-spawn.”  What she focuses on is the fact that Romney isn’t really a free-market capitalist when he’s governing:

The question remains whether Ms. Barnhardt’s criticisms will find a larger audience, or instead will continue to be downplayed by media.  I suppose that’s up to you. I actually think this one should go viral.