On FNC’s Judge Jeanine  show, Judge Pirro asked Sarah Palin a number of questions about the GOP primary race on Saturday evening. At one point, Palin pointed out that Bachmann was probably hampered by some of her campaign staff early on(Ed Rollins comes to my mind.)  The most interesting thing to come out of the interview was her discussion about Mitt Romney. She dropped a bit of a bombshell when she said the following:

“I believe the mainstream media and Obama want to face Mitt Romney in the general election.”

This is true. It’s been true for the length of this campaign cycle, and Romney is the beneficiary of this media approach to handing Obama the easiest path to victory. Pirro tried to counter this with the argument that Romney is allegedly the most electable, but Governor Palin insisted:

“Well my opinion is that I can see what’s coming, and that’s that the media will try to bolster Romney so they can tear him down.”

This has been the media’s goal for this election from the beginning, and it’s why they’ve been angling for a Romney nomination from the outset.  The questions at the debates are always selected to play to Romney’s strengths, and I think Governor Palin’s right on the money here.  The fact is that much of what the media will say about Romney will be true, although I’m certain they’ll exaggerate or drop contextual nuances to some degree.  That’s the thing that will allow them to really clobber him. Watch the video of the interview here:

Meanwhile, the media meme of the evening is that Romney won this evening’s GOP debate on ABC.  It’s true that he performed as well tonight as he has performed in any of the debates, but the questions were asked in a manner so as to tee them up for him.  It’s clear that the media is pulling for Romney, and Palin was right to point it out.  The former Alaska governor is correct in suggesting it’s because they wish to subsequently destroy him, but the thing to bear in mind is that their campaign of destruction won’t kick into full gear until after the GOP convention, or at least until Romney has the nomination all sewn up.  By then, it will be too late and we’ll be stuck with him as they finally begin to give full coverage to his all too numerous warts.