The Media's Choice

Depending upon how you view things, that’s certainly one way of looking at the results, but the truth may be a good bit different from the media coronation seemingly underway.  You see, this debate was scripted to provide a certain result.  Sarah Palin’s right:  The mainstream media is pushing Romney because they have plenty of ammunition with which to cut him down in the general election campaign, but for now, they’re keeping their powder dry.  Even with that, however, it must be said from the outset that nothing about this debate constituted a win for the electorate.  This was the most awful, stunted, ridiculous debate inasmuch as the questions were all asked from a leftist perspective, naturally enough since the questioners are all leftists, so that in such an environment, the most liberal will naturally rise to the top.  Congratulations Mitt Romney!  The mainstream media loves him today, but only because they know what they’re going to do to him once he’s been nominated.

What you really must understand about all of this is that factually, Romney is really little different from Obama, inasmuch as he’s not a veteran, and he’s got a liberal record on a number of fronts that is difficult to dispute.  The Romneycare program comes immediately to mind, along with the Welfare Cars program, his liberal judicial appointments, and his spotty record on immigration.  In short, where conservative voters are concerned, he’ll have little to recommend him other than the fact that he isn’t Obama, and moderate to liberal voters will note that he doesn’t really offer much difference.

The only substantial difference voters will be made aware of by the media is that Romney was born to privilege, and he had every leg-up on life that most Americans don’t get, and that will be the thing on which Obama’s campaign will descend like flies to excrement.  Sarah Palin made that point on Judge Jeanine’s show on Fox as the debate commenced on a competing network.   The class-envy card is in full effect in 2012, and when you add that to all of Romney’s other problems, it’s clear to me that the standard media talking point is that Romney is the best and strongest candidate, precisely because he is the weakest possible candidate.

There are all of these issues, and then there’s one more, in my view.  Some of Romney’s responses in this debate were clearly scripted, and if not so woodenly delivered, might have been mildly inspiring, except for the fact that he left me with the impression that he didn’t believe any of it.  He was too vague and too indefinite.  In short, he was like a campaign commercial, but he never really expressed anything in concretes.  His statement about the direction of the country left me scratching my head: It was a nice build-up, but he did nothing to expand upon the concept, and he had every chance.

If a candidate is going to ask for the support of voters on the basis of the notion that the country is headed in the wrong direction, it would be nice to hear from that candidate what he believes that direction is, and it would be nicer still to explain with some precision what course the candidate would follow.  Instead, as is typical from Romney, we got platitudes that seemed like encoded messages.  I believe this is due to Romney’s aversion to the “s-word,” socialism, that he seems unwilling to utter, in part because in his world, it’s the word nobody says no matter how apt it may be as a descriptor, for fear of being ostracized by the upper-crust culture, but also in part because it could too easily be applied to him.

This debate really offered nothing substantial to the conservative and Tea Party-minded voters.  It was a re-hash of much of the same old ground, this time scripted to make Romney look better.  It may help the media and the establishment drive the coronation of Mitt Romney, but it won’t help Republicans in November when they find themselves with a vulnerable candidate ill-equipped to contrast himself with Barack Obama.  That spells a replay of 2008 for the GOP in 2012, and that’s a prospect nobody should relish.