Saying What Must Be Said

Sarah Palin has faced extensive government corruption before, and what confronts us now is a President who has decided to rule by fiat.  On Wednesday, Obama made several “recess appointments,” but there’s just one problem with that:  The Congress isn’t in recess.  There are those who dismiss this as a matter of “technicality,” but to do so is to dismiss all law, since it’s all just a “technicality.”  Presidents have often availed themselves of the procedure of making recess appointments, but one of the tactics available to Congress to stop that maneuver is to maintain a pro-forma session, meaning that in legal fact, the Congress is in session even if its not actively voting on legislation.  This is the situation at present, and the fact that Obama ignored this and made these appointments anyway simply brands the whole thing with the flagrant stamp of illegality.  Sarah Palin took note of this on Thursday, and wasted no time in commenting on this issue via Facebook and Twitter on Thursday:

Cordray (an attorney) must know we’re ruled by laws, not men. The President can’t make a recess appointment during a pro-forma session of Congress even if he”can’t wait.”

Palin posted this remark with a link to Rush Limbaugh’s site:

The Lawless Obama Regime – The Rush Limbaugh Show

and Mark Levin’s:

Mark Levin: ‘We Have a Constitutional Crisis’ |

Meanwhile, the media continues to ignore the story, while talk radio is buzzing with the word “dictator.”  They’re correct. Obama had no business even trying this move, but as we know by now, Obama is not governed by the rule of law but only his Marxist reflexes.  Our country is being dragged to the brink of disaster by Barack Obama, and in this case, the answer should be that John Boehner must call the House into session and begin impeachment proceedings.  Obama apparently fancies himself a dictator, and as Palin points out, this is a matter of the most fundamental character of our Republic. As Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin both point out quite aptly, if Obama is permitted to get away with this, we have a dictator.