McCain 2008 Ad

Guess what Buzzfeed dug up?  Apparently, before endorsing Mitt Romney, there were certain videos John McCain needed to take down not to seem like a typical self-contradictory political hack.  This is what happens in our modern politics.  Candidates make war against one another in one campaign, and kiss the asses of one another in the next.  Look folks, if you need more evidence that these people are all effectively on the same team, this is it.   H/T RightScoop for spotting this story.  Here’s the video, a 2008 primary campaign ad ran by McCain attacking Romney for his flip-flopping, scrubbed from McCain’s Youtube account:

I guess what was important to McCain in 2008 in the character of his Republican opponent no longer matters now that he needs to endorse Romney for the sake of the GOP establishment.  This makes McCain an even greater flip-flopper than we already suspected.  Looking at this ad in retrospect, it was merely another case of one RINO pot calling another RINO kettle “black.”

This is sickening.  This is what you get with the RINO set.  This is why if Romney does get the nomination, he will lose. Big time.