Is Romney Kidding?

Dan Balz, writing for the Washington Post, reports that Willard “Mitt” Romney criticized Gingrich as being “extremely unreliable” as a conservative leader.  Of course, Mitt goes on to admit that he made a mistake in 1994 by not supporting Newt’s “Contract With America” while he ran a losing campaign against Edward “Ted” Kennedy of Massachusetts for the Senate.  If we’re to believe Mitt, he’s a conservative, but Newt’s not.  If ever there had been a case of the pot calling the kettle “black,” this must be it.  Romney is not now, and never has been a conservative, and as late as 2002, he admitted that much as he campaigned for Governor of Massachusetts, fairly bragging about being a progressive.

Let’s be honest enough to admit that neither are conservative in the sense of the word most American conservatives and Tea Party patriots use the word, but let’s also stipulate that if anybody is going to criticize Gingrich on the matter, of all people in this race, it should not be Romney.  This is why the Republican electorate doesn’t trust Mitt, and hasn’t made him the front-runner:  He’s simply not credible, and this line of attack on Gingrich simply punctuates the matter.

There’s no reason to belabor the point: Mitt Romney isn’t a conservative. To now come out and assail Newt Gingrich on some of his decidedly un-conservative views merely demonstrates Willard’s desperation, particularly since we know Mitt doesn’t like to be pinned down on his own positions.  If ever there had been a case of the pot calling the kettle black, this is it.  The video below helps demonstrate the point even more clearly:

Let me state this one more time, lest some become confused about my position: I do not support Newt Gingrich either, having made no decision about who I may support in the primaries, but I thought all of the attacks on him emanating from the Romney camp and Romney surrogates needed to be placed in context.

When a candidate assails another as being other-than-conservative, I would suppose that candidate would do so from a strong position of a thorough conservative record of his or her own.  Sadly, Romney’s finally realized that he cannot win the nomination without conservative support, and he’s trying to undermine Gingrich on that basis.  I’m sorry, but it’s simply too late for Willard to now come looking for my support by attacking Newt as a progressive or liberal, because Romney has been one virtually all of his political career.  Until now.  Now he sees he will need the votes of we conservatives and Tea Party members.  Now, “Newt’s not conservative.”

Congratulations Mitt!  The problem is, neither are you.