How Does Mitt's "Conservatism" Measure Up?

Back when Mitt Romney was running to become governor of Massachusetts, he couldn’t wait to explain to people that he was a progressive, and not a partisan Republican.  Let’s knock off the nonsense about Mitt Romney being a conservative, because it simply isn’t so.  Romney has never been a real conservative, but he’s spent a good deal of time re-calibrating his image to have greater appeal to conservatives.  Of course, he’s not the only progressive running for the GOP nomination, but of late, he’s been trying to sell himself as a conservative.  There should be nobody who examines Willard “Mitt” Romney’s  record who will believe that.  H/T The Blaze for digging up the video:

It’s easy for candidates to claim that they had been conservatives all along, only now, when they want the votes of conservatives or Tea Party patriots, but Mitt’s surrogates in the media pretending he is a conservative is a laugh, since we see where Mitt was as recently in 2002.

Or was Mitt lying to the people of Massachusetts when he said he was a moderate, with progressive views?  You decide. I don’t think Barack Obama can be defeated by a progressive Republican.