Confused in Kansas

Barack Obama traveled to Kansas to speak on the subject of economics.  Unfortunately, Mr. Obama became momentarily confused, and addressed the state of Texas instead.  He caught himself, but it’s just another sign of how completely disconnected Obama is from the universe in which the rest of us must live.  Taking economic advice from this guy will be no better than asking him for directions.  This man is President, and yes, I understand that everybody can misspeak, but his political party continues to tell us that this is the most brilliant man ever to occupy the White House, and that he’s so very “cerebral.”  I don’t know that in nearly three years, I’ve seen any evidence to substantiate that claim.  Media types can’t wait to trot out every Republican’s gaffes, and yet I will bet you that among the three major networks, this is unlikely to be on the News tonight.  Watch for yourselves. Here’s your presidential genius at his best:

This is the guy they say Republicans will find impossible to beat?  This guy doesn’t even know what state he’s in.

Incredible.  “Sleepless in Seattle” has nothing on Mr. Clueless in Kansas.