I'm Just THRILLED to be here!

I knew this was coming.  When I first read she would be the grand marshal for NASCAR’s season finale, I knew it would be trouble.  After her husband was summarily unclothed as the naked emperor he is by Chris Matthews, Michelle Obama found herself being booed at the last race of the NASCAR season in Florida on Sunday.  Ordinarily, I don’t like it when the family of politicians are dragged into the mix, but then again, she was present as a largely political move.  More, this First Lady has been outspoken on a number of occasions with respect to the country, so that it’s more than predictable that a patriotic NASCAR crowd would have this reaction.  With all that has gone wrong under her husband’s administration, the First Lady has taken on an increasingly difficult job of facing demonstrably more hostile crowds.  This might be a good time to reconsider that whole business about telling us what we should eat.  It’s taken on an air of that infamous “let them eat cake” line of legend, and NASCAR fans were decidedly unhappy with her appearance.  It’s been a rough day for the Obamas, but of course, it’s been a rougher three years for the country.  I’ll shed a crocodile tear or two on the First Lady’s behalf right after I see the bill for her last vacation at our expense.

Once again, H/T Breitbart on the Video:

The sooner they move out of the White House, the happier most Americans will be.  The media has been carrying water for these people for far too long.  Their arrogance has begotten contempt from many Americans, and this is simply one more sign that it’s time for the Obamas to return home to Chicago in 2012.