It’s a sad statement on the direction education has gone in this country.  It’s also the reason the schools don’t want your children armed with smart phones and other devices capable of recording audio or video.  This incident happened at Bankbridge Regional School in Gloucester County, N.J.  While I am sure that this guy is an aberration, you can bet that there are others like him out there.  Most of the bullying that happens in schools is from students directed at other students, but there is also intellectual bullying by teachers and administrators, and there are too many instances in which teachers simply believe they are all-powerful and have the authority to do or say anything. The school has put this teacher on administrative leave while they investigate.  My question is:  “What’s to investigate?”  I think it’s fairly clear-cut.  This New Jersey teacher should lose his job, and be forbidden from working around children for the remainder of his life:

There’s no way to excuse this behavior.  I don’t know or care what this teacher will claim what his motives had been.  This behavior needs to be followed up with a dismissal.  Frankly, the family should be filing a nice fat lawsuit.  Yes, that means the tax-payers get shafted again, but let’s be honest:  This isn’t this teacher’s first rodeo with this kind of behavior.  The administration must have known something.  There must have been other complaints.  There’s almost certain to have been some sort of official dereliction of duty in this case. Let’s not pretend otherwise.  How does a teacher remain on staff behaving like this for any period of time?

Parents and tax-payers must begin to ask questions about their local public school systems.  Many systems are very good, but some are awful, and this cannot be glossed-over.  Teachers have a special trust afforded them by parents, and by communities.  The schools that violate that trust should be dealt with accordingly.