Guilty Until Proven Innocent?

This entire debacle is garbage.  Everybody propagating it is full of garbage.  Frankly, it’s nonsense, and it’s empty and plainly a hit-job.  Through all of this, we still have no first-hand accounts, no facts, and no evidence of any kind.  We have nothing except allegations, the disclosure that settlements occurred (which is not an admission of guilt,) and scant little else.  The Politico hacks who broke this story have nothing of substance.  Somebody dumped the story in their laps, and they went out to brow-beat people into giving information.  They asked accusatory questions with the air of insider knowledge, and probably bluffed their way into some answers on their way to attempting to lynch Herman Cain.  Let me make this clear:  Cain is most certainly undergoing a “high tech lynching,” and whatever the facts may turn out to be, the truth is the media is convicting him without any of them.  They know it too, and that explains the drumbeat for more disclosures from the National Restaurant Association.  It’s garbage, every bit of it, but this lynching isn’t happening because Cain is black, but instead because he’s conservative.  Let me say this again:  The whole episode has nothing to do with his race, but everything to do with his being a conservative politician.

Jess Jackson never faced this despite the whole litany of sexual misconduct charges and allegations of illicit affairs he has faced over the years.  Charlie Rangel committed actual crimes while serving in elected office, and he never faced this.  We can list any number of people of color who have had similar or worse charged leveled at them with much more overpowering evidence, which in this case, means “any evidence at all,”  and yet none of them faced this sort of ugly assault by the media.  Clarence Thomas?  Well, but he is a conservative, appointed to the high court by a Republican president.  Understand, however, that it’s not race that is the deciding factor.  Herman Cain is a conservative.  The fact that he is a black man only sweetens the pot for the race baiters and hustlers of the left, who deny that a person can be both black, and conservative; hispanic and conservative; female and conservative; gay and conservative; atheist and conservative.  You see, they have traditionally held sway with these groups, and the notion that those groups might in any measure defect makes it implausible that leftists would ignore it, but more importantly, impossible for the GOP establishment to  demur.

You see, whatever eventually turns out to be the case about these allegations, all we can say with certainty right now is that there’s really no evidence Cain ever did anything wrong and/or improper.  What all of this is intended to do is create an impression and to damage Cain.  The left certainly doesn’t give a damn about facts, and never has.  The establishment Republicans don’t care about facts at all.  Both groups see another opportunity to kill off Cain’s candidacy.  Both groups intend to exploit this.  Both groups hate conservatives.  This is why Karl Rove appears on FoxNews, telling viewers “Cain is done.”  It’s not that Cain is black that motivates Rove or his kindred spirits in the GOP establishment.  They’d nominate anybody who would serve their immediate and long term interests, but they cannot permit a conservative of any description who isn’t in their club to win the nomination or serve in any leadership capacity.

For all the distractions involved in this case, nothing is really more important than these two things:

  1. We don’t know any substantial facts about the cases in question and must therefore assume they’re garbage
  2. We must try to figure out who actually schemed this hit-job, and dropped the story in Politico’s lap

Until we have damning evidence in hand from named sources, with first-hand testimony, and actual evidence of some sort, I think we would be prudent to focus on the second because if the first turns out to be the long and short of it – that this entire episode is concocted, inflated, hyped garbage – we need to know who the scoundrels behind these disclosures are, because they are a toxic part of our national political problem.

Could this have originated with the left?  Sure, but I find that less plausible, if only because of the people involved.  The left is a bunch of opportunistic vultures, and they are particularly lazy as journalists.  No, somebody delivered this story to the hacks at Politico, and my money still bets the source is somebody in the Republican establishment.

As this entire show goes on, one man is escaping examination and vetting, and with the early states rushing ahead, he may escape any vetting at all while we pursue this story about Cain that has no real evidence, no substance, and as yet, not so much as a first-hand statement from any party to the alleged settlements.  Nobody is asking Romney about Romneycare. Nobody is talking about his wheels-for-welfare program in Massachusetts. Nobody is examining the vices or virtues of Perry’s tax notions.  Nobody is looking at any issue of importance, and all the while, Romney hopes to sneak in by running out the clock.

To hell with that.  I have told you before, and I meant it, and I’ll say it again: I’m in favor of ABAR. That’s “Anybody But A RINO.”  If my state’s primary arrives and the leading two choices are Romney and somebody else, I will vote for that somebody else, unless it’s another RINO, in which case, I’ll vote for the highest-polling conservative on the ballot.  If a RINO wins the nomination, I will withhold a vote for President in 2012, and I will work for local, congressional, and state-wide conservatives, and even real conservatives in other states.

If you say to me, “But Mark, then Obama will win,” I will say simply that you permitted it by nominating somebody other than a conservative.  This time, you squishy Republicans and RINOs are going to compromise with us, and if you don’t, you’ll lose.  So I’m turning it around on you right now: I’m telling you mush “Repubics” who would nominate another slack-jawed moderate: I will not support them, and  I believe many conservatives are prepared to join me, because they’re as concerned about the future of conservatism as they are about the country, because they realize, as do I, that you will not save the latter without the former.

You don’t like it? Tough. Feel free to read a blog written by a surrender-monkey.  You want mush?  Go elsewhere.  Neither has it been a secret that Cain isn’t my first choice, nor is it a secret that I’m still undecided about who to support in the absence of my first choice.  What is certain is this:  I will not support, by any means, under any consideration, the candidacies of Romney, Huntsman, or Paul.  Had he run, I would not have supported Christie. I would not have supported Mitch Daniels. I will never support another Bush, so you can forget that “Go Jeb” business. I’d sooner hack off my arms than to let them mark a ballot for another Bush.  I won’t consider somebody whose name is coincidentally “Shub” because it’s too close to “Bush” for my comfort.  No thanks. That clan has done two generations of damage to the good name of Conservatism.

Enjoy your lynching of Herman Cain.  Absent verified evidence and/or testimony, you’ll have to do it without me.  It’s disgusting and filthy and until there’s some evidence, every rational person ought to consider this to be pure garbage.  I’ve seen enough of these lynchings of Conservatives, and I’ll have no part of it.  You GOP establishment types can huddle with leftists at the cocktail parties inside the Beltway, and while you do, we’ll lose the country.  You think you’re buying safety from the leftist mobs, but you’re the first people who will be fed to them upon silver platters.  If you want to sacrifice Cain on the altar of the left, have at it.  Barring any useful, meaningful, verified and factual evidence and testimony to support all these vacuous allegations, I will absolutely support Herman Cain in lieu of a better choice, but I will not under any circumstance support the GOP establishment’s choices.  Deal with it.

UPDATE: As this article posted, DailyCaller is reporting:

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