Upholding the World

It’s time for you to grasp reality.  Not your morality, nor mine, but objective reality.  It’s time to cast off the childish wishing that your putative leaders have been pushing.  It’s time for you to recognize that there are no free lunches, no free money, and that there can be no Utopia on this Earth.  For once, I’m asking you to do what your leaders will not: I’m asking you to think.  I’m asking you to consider the real meaning of what they’ve been telling you and what they really intend.  Because I believe you have been misled, some of you rank-and-file occupiers, I want to give you the tool you need to understand the concept of money in a way you may have never understood it before.  You already have minds, which is the most important tool humans possess, but it’s time to put it to work as you have never done before.  Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff tried to tell you, but instead of listening to what he was saying, you tried to shout him down.  He was offering you the most valuable information in the last two hundred years of human history, and you ignored him, or shouted at him without recognizing the great value he was providing you, for free.  I intend to offer you the same knowledge in a different form.

I believe that part of the problem in the situation with Schiff was that a sort of mob mentality took over, and people simply couldn’t hear what he was saying because the emotional mood of the crowd wouldn’t permit them to hear it or acknowledge it, let alone contemplate or understand it.  In order to give you a second chance, when no crowd is gathered, and you’re alone with your thoughts, I’ve posted a page that contains a timeless book excerpt with which your teachers and professors should have made you familiar, but chose instead to conceal from many or even most of you.  If you’ve never read it before, please do so now and consider its full meaning.  Even at this late date, we still have a chance to save this country, but salvation will not come on the streets of New York.  Instead, it will be born of great minds and a firm understanding of the morality of money. <<< Read it. Save your life while it’s still possible.

Once you understand that, you’ll understand why the protests in which you are now participating on Wall Street and around the country are actually statements against the world you so desperately need.  You won’t get what you want through this OWS movement, and what you must discover is that your adversaries aren’t so much on Wall Street as they are on either end of Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC.  You’re being used, and if you permit them, they will quite literally use you to death.  It’s their modus operandi, and if they weren’t so interested in concealing that from you for what should become increasingly obvious reasons, you’d know that they’re planning to serve you up like chum for sharks.  You needn’t go out that way.  There is an alternative, but if you are to avoid what your alleged “leaders” and those who fund them have in store, you’re going to need to realize the facts.  This is your chance.  You won’t get many more.