Nominee Must Oppose This

I have been discussing what sort of nominee the Republican party must now find.  Given what we are now seeing, it is imperative that the nominee of the Republican party commit to one thing above all others: The program known as Obamacare must be repealed, and stripped from the law, in every possible, conceivable way.  It must be pulled out by the roots.  Even now, the government is beginning to fashion health-care plans for the rest of us who now have our own health-care, because they know they will be driving private health insurance out of the business.  Any of the Republican candidates who wish to obtain my support will be required to commit to the complete repeal of the Affordable Care Act, and if the candidate will not pledge to do this, I will have no part of his or her support.  Obamacare must be overturned.

The program known as Obamacare is tyranny packaged up as a benefit.  Let me be clear for the sake of any who had misunderstood the nature of Obamacare: It’s not going to provide “benefits” to anybody.  Instead, it’s going to provide a death sentence to millions.  If a given candidate will not commit to its repeal, it is symptomatic of an unwillingness to seriously confront the crisis this country now faces in a run-amok set of entitlement programs that have become the overwhelming burden on those who produce wealth.  I need no such candidate.  I will support no such candidate.  In watching the various debates, among the alleged front-runners, one of them has not, to my memory, committed to that repeal.

Health-care isn’t a right.  Health-care insurance cannot be a right.  One cannot have a right that must be borne into actualization by the efforts of others.  If we examine this  idea carefully, we must recognize that what Obamacare promises to implement is a “right” to health-care to be financed by every working person to the benefit of all persons.  This is Marxism.  It’s also a guarantee that we will have a reduction in the kind of health-care that will be available, in terms of its advancement, its technical sophistication, and the competence of those who will administer it, as well as the conditions under which it will be administered.

We are confronted with a serious assault upon the lives and liberties of every American, except perhaps those wealthy enough to escape all of this.  I don’t blame anybody who would use their wealth to escape the plague of Obamacare, unless they also simultaneously stiff the rest of us to suffer under it.  That is an inexcusable state of hypocrisy that characterizes the leadership of the left, in Congress, and in the executive branch, but also in Hollywood and in other leftist social circles.  There are also a number of people on the elite side of the GOP who fit this mold:  They express tepid support for undoing Obamacare, at best, while knowing they have the means to flee its oppression.

Ladies and gentlemen, I think it’s clear. We can begin to tally all the characteristics a Republican nominee must bring to the game, but an undaunted commitment to the eradication of the Obamacare law must be among them, and if it isn’t, there is no way on Earth that I will support that nominee.  I would prefer to have four more years of open tyranny than the pretense of opposition while it becomes the officially endorsed position of the GOP, and thereby, the country.