Exactly Backwards

The left has nothing.  It’s true.  The “Occupying Wall Street” crowd is fake.  Yes, they’re real people.  Yes, there are a few of them. Even if their numbers were multiplied by a factor of ten, they wouldn’t amount to one-tenth of one percent of the population of eligible voters in 2012.  In truth, one good rain storm combined with a cold snap would send them home.  Most of them wouldn’t stand shivering in the rain for anything.   We know who they are, who is funding them, and who is inciting them.  We know their purpose and their intentions.  Unlike the Tea Party, these people really are terrorists.  They are here to imitate the Tea Party as a political pressure group, but they have neither the principled underpinnings nor the intellectual honesty to be like the Tea Party except in the most superficial sense.

They exist not to drive an agenda, but to act as the excuse for which an agenda will be followed.  These are the mindless zombies constituting the Army for the Obama-Soros war on America.

If you want to know how completely fake this “Occupying Wall Street” movement really is, consider the idiotic list of demands they’ve introduced. To consider the sheer, juvenile lunacy of their demands is to realize and understand that these people do not represent anything remotely intellectual, or even vaguely genuine, but instead the mind-numbed absence of thought expressed by the zombies.  It’s not that they all have room-temperature IQs, but that they are behaving precisely like megaphones attached to robots with the microphone in the hands of Soros’ band of directors and board members.  Everything they say in their chants is an expression in the most mindless form of the demands of their masters.  There is not an original thought among them.

More, you can consider the desperation with which the left is comparing this aimless mob of ne’er-do-wells to the Tea Party.   They want to paint this “movement” as sharing several characteristics: They tell us this is “grass roots” and spontaneous, they tell us this has real, principled underpinnings, and more, that it has real influence based upon politicians’ concerns on the basis of the demands of the protesters.  This last is a particular fraud, since it is the leftist establishment that is determining and orchestrating the course of the protests and the spouting of the protesters.  Let’s not pretend that these people have cobbled this together.  We already know that Adbusters is behind this, and even Andrew Sullivan thinks they’re a joke.

Now you might wonder why we should care to consider a hoax like Occupy Wall Street to be a threat worthy of our concern, but what you must come to understand is that the threat comes not from this army of hapless, moronic refugees from their parents’ basements, but from the people who will use them as an excuse, the casus belli for an impending war against the American people.  Let’s face reality:  Barack Obama is in serious electoral trouble.  George Soros owns key people in and around this administration in a thoroughness of penetration that is unprecedented.  J. Edgar Hoover’s infiltration of various organizations to include the government have nothing on Soros’ far-reaching and indecent ties with the U.S. Federal government.  He is in a position to be able to carry out a bloodless coup d’etats against our constitutional form of government.  These idiots camped out on Wall Street are intended to provide the trigger.

If you’re not the least bit worried, you should be.  Watch what the leftist politicians say and do in response.  They’re attempting to set this up as an excuse in the first instance to further their legislative agenda(Pass it NOW!) and in the second instance to take more tyrannical steps if the left feels it is necessary to maintain power.

GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum actually expressed sympathies with the protesters.  In that moment, he permanently disqualified himself from any elected office for his willingness to shamelessly pander to this mob.  Herman Cain, by contrast, managed to get it right when in  describing the protesters as anti-capitalist, and explaining where the blame really belongs.  We need to adopt a position of resistance, not simply to these protesters, but to their masters in Washington and elsewhere.  Nancy Pelosi actually said “God bless them…”

Perhaps you’ve noticed what I have realized:  When the Tea Party marched on Washington in the hundreds of thousands, perhaps topping a million, Barack Obama left town and pretended they’d never existed.  Now, with these thugs camping on Pennsylvania Avenue just a short walk from the White House, Barack Obama isn’t going anywhere.  Do you wonder why?  These are his people, there to support his agenda, and not the reverse as it’s being portrayed.  This is a set-up, pure and simple, and you should be letting your representatives in Congress know that you aren’t fooled, and they shouldn’t be cajoled into sympathy with or fear of this bunch.  Politicians pander to any group, and Santorum is the proof.  It’s time for them to stand up to thugs and the villains who direct them.