Time to be Heard

One of the reasons that so many of my fellow Tea Party patriots and Palinistas are ready for a Sarah Palin campaign to begin it because we’ve become so tired of the smears against us.  Each time they mock Sarah Palin, those in the establishment are taking shots at us too.  Each and every time they smear Sarah Palin, they try to slip something in about those of us who support her that will tend to paint us as those people.  You know… Those people.  Yes, they mean us.  It’s true for Tea Party patriots too.  This interminable war on the Tea Party and Sarah Palin has gone on, will go on, and the establishment in DC will maintain its stance against us, either until we go away quietly, or until we displace them.

This country is ours, and for decades, ordinary Americans with extraordinary virtues have kept this country afloat while the party of DC keeps crashing the ship of state into the largest icebergs it can find.  I don’t know about you, but for once in more than three decades, I’m ready to finally fight them.  Rather than endlessly defending ourselves, our principles and our leaders against smears meant only to debase, dismiss, and disable, I think it’s time that we went on offense.

You and I are of a different character than the establishment. Most of us still hold to the notion that we should live virtuous lives, not in expectation of any reward from without, but for all the rewards provided within.  That’s quite different from the entirely mercenary view the establishment has of the world, where everything is for sale and anybody may be purchased so long as they maintain a steady stream of our money flowing.  The Tea Party grew out of a recognition by some among us of the situation with the establishment.  The party of  DC issues orders, while we comply, without reference to the costs to us, the pain to the nation, or the endlessly disastrous results that their orders have never failed to beget.  In considering all of this, however, we cannot become like them in part because it’s not in our nature, but also because we know that’s not who we wish to be.  For us to prevail, our form of offense must take on a different shape than that of the establishment.   We don’t share the moral ground they occupy, and frankly, we don’t want to slide into the gutter with them.

So what are we to do?  How do we oppose them? How do we even begin to combat their narrative?  It starts here, on the Internet. It starts with letters to the editor, on-line and snail-mail.  It begins with phone-calls to talk-shows.  At every opportunity to question the establishment, we must do so.  We must begin to take the battle to them.  We must show up at their town hall meetings. We must send them faxes.  We must do all of the things that will show them we are here for the battle, we’re of no mind to surrender or retreat, and we intend to advance, around, through and over the objections of the DC establishment on the way to victory.

It’s not as though we don’t know how to do this.  Some of you have been doing so all along.  You Tea Party patriots ought to know all about this, because in truth, from the moment Joe the Plumber asked Obama that question, and Obama  was exposed as an unrepentant socialist, you have known how to win.  Ryan Rhodes of Iowa Tea Party fame asked a simple question.  The DC establishment wilts in the light of truth, and we don’t need to join them in the sewer to expose what they’ve done, what they are doing now, or what they intend.  It only requires that we stand up, for our values, for our standards, and for our rights.  They will accost us with taunts and smears and lies, but we should ignore the worst filth, and respond on issues, policies, and reality.

Tell the truth. Confront any lie with the truth.  Ask questions that expose the truth by leaving the liar to pose another lie in response.  When somebody like Karl Rove says “Well, it’s getting late, but I still think there’s time for [some establishment candidate] to get into this race,” you should deluge the media outlet in question, and Rove, and anybody around him with “Didn’t you say it was too late for Sarah Palin if she didn’t get in on the 3rd of September?” It’s something we ought to recognize:  Questioning their own pronouncements exposes their nonsensical narratives and themes cause them intense pain, not because of guilt, since they feel no shame, but because of their exposure.

Another thing that tends to happen is that we give the lamestream media a pass.  We’re so accustomed to their unethical journalism that we mostly accept it in frustration and out of a sense of futility.  Why?  I’m a blogger.  Some of you are too.  Many of you are active in social media and in political fora, and in your workplaces and your families and in your congregations.  Some of you take your local papers or listen to local radio shows, but as frustrating as these outlets can be, what is a little frustration in the face of all that now confronts us?  Even as we happily read the Miami Herald story about the poll posted on Drudge and elsewhere Tuesday night, did you notice the opening slam on Palin built into the story:

WASHINGTON — Look out President Barack Obama. Even Sarah Palin’s gaining on you.

A new McClatchy-Marist poll finds…

I placed it in bold. What you see here is another example of bias.  “Even Sarah Palin?”  Even I  can see this is an example of biased journalism from Mr. Thomma, who wrote this article.  This is the sort of thing we’ve become accustomed to fighting all the time.  It’s now an assumption that even in positive news about Sarah Palin, there’s always going to be some way in which it is tilted against her, we who support her, or the Tea Party. Most of us are exhausted with having to defend against the more subtle smears, never mind the more obvious examples.  What we must do is challenge these outlets, not simply on the subject of Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, and such smears as they heap upon us, but in every story.  You will be hard-pressed to find an example of journalism that doesn’t involve some form of this kind of smear.  More, we need to challenge the baseline narrative of the media that suggests we’re a fringe, tiny minority.  They all know this isn’t true, but they like to pretend it is.  Let’s make some noise, and they won’t be quite so able to conceal the truth any longer.

Like you, I feel the frustrations of watching the establishment smear us, mock us, and otherwise defame us.  Make no mistake about it: Every one of their miserable attacks is designed to demoralize you.  They attack the things you cherish, the people you love, and the concepts of virtue by which you have lived your life.  As it turns out, as I finished this article, I looked and found this article by Nicole Coulter on Conservatives4Palin.  Much as I suspected, it seems I’m not alone in my thinking.  Let’s engage the battle as we know we must, in all the ways that  we can.  Everything about this is worth our efforts, and we shouldn’t wait when we already know what needs to be done.  The best part is that we don’t need to become purveyors of filth or senseless attacks because the facts are on our side.  Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to go on offense.