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Sometimes, one gets the impression that some people are busy making a media stir for the sake of making a stir.  I came across another story of filth directed at Sarah Palin today, and I wrote an article intended to cover the so-called “journalists” involved in propagating the contrived and irresponsible story.  After thinking about it a while, I’ve decided not to publish because it’s likely to give the filth-purveyors more recognition (and more web traffic.) Rather than do that, inadvertently rewarding them for their garbage-journalism, I’m going to do something different for a change.  I’ve scrapped my article and all its tedious links to sources and so on, and instead will ask you, my reader, to suggest via the comment section below this posting a clever [and clean] caption for the image at left, clumsily cobbled together earlier in an amateurish attempt at some juvenile photo-shopping. It’s better than the subject deserves.

Part of the problem with today’s so-called journalism is that much of it is intended merely to evoke a reaction and to spread narratives without doing any real and substantial reporting at all. Today, at least one website was guilty of that, but rather than name it and bring it more undue attention, I’m simply going to offer you a bit of advice:  When you see ugly stories pop up in the media, before you even let your mind wander to the details, or even the question of the veracity, the first thing you might want to do is ask:  What is the motive for the publication of this story? If you see it’s largely a passed-along story, you really need to ask that question, and in light of what we’ve witnessed in the media this week, and what shall likely become more frequent in the weeks to come, I’d urge you to take great care about the motives of those outlets you frequent, in whatever form they take.

Now, back to our bit of fun: Take a look at the picture, and offer a suggested caption. There are no prizes but for a mention here.  Remember, this is a family-friendly site.  Thanks, and have fun!