Sarah Palin on the Record

In an appearance on FNC’s On the Record with Greta Van Susteren, Gov. Sarah Palin was asked by Van Susteren about Bachmann’s question in Monday night’s Tea Party Express-sponsored Republican debate about the issue of his Gardasil mandate, but more importantly, the ties to Merck, the company who would have provided the untested vaccine to the market.  Palin, who has encouraged a spirited debate all along between opposing candidates in the Republican field seemed happy to agree with Bachmann in this instance.

Despite Perry’s admission that his actions on the Gardasil vaccine may have been a mistake when he entered the campaign in early August, he’s never really faced any direct questioning over the crony-capitalism aspects of that issue.  As this blog has reported, Governor Perry has extensive issues with crony capitalism as best illustrated by the Gardasil controversy as well as others, including the now-dead TransTexas Corridor.

Governor Palin certainly seemed to relish the notion of taking on the issue, and in truth, it’s an issue ripe for full examination.  Most of the Republicans in Monday night’s debate suffer from one or more instances of this sort of problem, and as I reported earlier Monday evening, President Obama is potentially involved in a gigantic scandal arising from this sort of corruption.

Palin once again refrained from discussing her plans for the upcoming election, but this interview suggests that she’s already involved in the 2012 race, no matter the role.  It’s certainly getting interesting!