Tammy Bruce Rallies Palinistas

I was lucky enough to arrive at the Machine Shed restaurant in Clive, IA on Saturday evening with some of the Texas and Oklahoma contingents.  As it turned out, the dozen of us were being seated when somebody mentioned that Tammy Bruce was holding her own post-Tea Party meet-up in the adjacent room.  Tammy graciously extended the invitation to us, and we happily joined her group.  Tammy gave a short talk about how she expects this election season to develop, but more, she inspired the Palinistas by taking the time to talk to them all.  Even me.  Tammy was quite kind to come over and speak to us at our table, and I listened intently, and a bit uncomfortably.  Despite the blogging, I’m really not a public persona, and I don’t like a fuss made about me. What Tammy Bruce explained to me was that there’s no excuse for that sort of humility:  In the new media, what will count is the strength of your presentation and the power of your arguments. Those will be reinforced not by standing in the shadows cranking out blog posts, but by  increasing one’s visibility in order to spread the word.  One can’t make an argument while being invisible.

Those of us who call ourselves Palinistas are mostly ordinary Americans, bent on overturning the status quo by virtue of hard work and through supporting Sarah Palin’s efforts on behalf of the nation.  It’s not a task for the faint of heart, although it can be rightly said that if there is a thoroughly humble group involved in politics, it is the wide range of people who support Sarah Palin.   We’re humble, but there’s not any faintness of heart or in purpose anywhere amongst us.  For those lucky enough to attend this meet-up, we were able to listen to Tammy Bruce’s explanation of how she sees the future, but more importantly, that such a future can only be realized through the diligent efforts of Sarah Palin’s supporters.

As I’ve offered before, Tammy made clear that the core group who expends effort on behalf of a cause or a candidate are really the foundation upon which any such movement must rest.  One of the most important things she explained, particularly to me and those listening around our table of Texans and Sooners)is that it’s time for us to lead, too.  We’re going to need to lay it all out there, often, repeatedly, and again.  The media and the establishment in Washington DC may dislike us, and they may fear Governor Palin, but they don’t have the power to overturn elections.  We have the power to lead to the result we seek, and it’s time that we all do so.

This country is on the verge of even more serious trouble than we’ve seen.  What Tammy offered to me, and to anybody else who was present, is a kind of fortification against the naysayers.  In a sense, it was an inoculation against the disease of timidity that can cause movements to struggle.  Her words implored Palinistas to go forward with bold steps and to avoid being bashful.  To me particularly, she explained that I mustn’t shy away from attention.  As is clear, I want my words to be read all over, and to some small degree, they have been, but it’s also true that I have shied from any sort of publicity with respect to me, personally.  I’m a shy fellow, in truth, and I haven’t been the sort of outgoing, outspoken voice in person that I have been willing to be in my blogging.  I don’t promote myself, and I don’t promote my website, and instead rely on word-of-mouth and links being dropped all over the Internet by a small group of people who’ve already read my work.  It all adds up, but the truth is that at my blog’s current rate of growth, it will be seven thousand years before any substantial portion of the electorate is considering my arguments.

I’ve been satisfied – overwhelmed in fact  – with the number of people who come read my blog posts.  Through the course of the week-end, when I would meet people who are friends on Facebook, or people who’ve read my blogs, some of them have called me a “celebrity.”  That’s a notion from which I’m predisposed to demur, because it’s been my conviction that I want my blog to be about my ideas, but not so much about me.  What Tammy Bruce told me is that which I already knew but denied, and it is as simple as it is wise:  My ideas are an extension of me.  They’re a projection of who I am.  I’ve been careful not to speak for others, but the simple truth expressed by so many wonderful people I met this past weekend is that in some ways, I do.  Maybe not always, or maybe to varying degrees across a diversity of subjects, but in the fundamental sense of who we are and why we fight, those who I met told me in no uncertain terms that when I blog, I’m writing for them too.  For me, that’s a terribly humbling notion, because I’m naturally a tuna in a shark tank when around media, but the fact is that as my blog has grown, it’s become a part of the new media, and it’s time to embrace it.

In just seven weeks, this blog was born and now enjoys thousands of page-views each day.  It all started because I signed up on Facebook just twelve weeks or so ago, and began posting my thoughts there.  Slowly, people encouraged me to widen my audience with my own blog.  Martha Cano, Texas Coordinator for O4P, told me as much from the outset, but it wasn’t until a few of my Facebook notes attracted a wider audience that I conceded the point and started this site, and began blogging in earnest.  Martha was right, and Tammy is right too:  This fight we’re in isn’t for the faint of heart.  We mustn’t shy from leading, in whatever capacity we can.  If we want to see this country restored, we’re all going to need to fully engage.

On this basis, I’m going to do something I’ve not done before.  I’m going to ask you to pass my site along to others if you like it.  Some of you have been doing that faithfully from the outset.  It’s why C4P picked me up as a writer.  Some of you wanted my articles posted there, and C4P agreed.   You shouldn’t be surprised at the effect you’re having, and now, finally, neither should I.  What Tammy Bruce said to me at the Machine Shed is true, and I hope you won’t mind if I answer her call.  We simply can’t wait on the media any longer.  They either don’t “get it,” or more probably would prefer to ignore it.  We’ve got a country to restore, and it’s time we get out  there, all of us, and begin to make that case.  As if the quality of her daily radio show hadn’t been enough, this is one more reason you should listen to Tammy Bruce.  She’s right, and she knows it.  So do I.