Enough is Enough

We all know that politicians can be dastardly in their willingness to use raw scare tactics to motivate people on a political issue.  To degrees greater and lesser, most of them will turn to this tactic on some issue.   What makes this instance all the more egregious is that the purpose of this fear-mongering isn’t merely to pressure a vote, but to secure electoral victories at the expense of the very people the fear-mongering targets.  In fact, if we don’t fix our debt problems, there will be no Social Security in the longer run, and no entitlement programs will be possible, and the country will collapse.  This is the stark truth the President’s scare tactics are intended to conceal.  What’s more, most commentators are far too polite in describing the President’s behavior on this issue.  The thing most will not say, because it’s politically incorrect to do so is this: Social Security checks will go out, irrespective of the debt ceiling debate unless by his own orders, the President stops them.   For his willingness to crack the whip of economic terrorism against the backs of our senior citizens, President Obama is a despicable liar.

There are those who will ask me how I can know any of this.  After all, I’m just a guy in Texas, far remote from the halls of power in which such decisions and strategies are hatched.  This is the beauty of our information age.  Thomas Saving, writing in the Wall Street Journal in an article entitled, Obama’s Debt-Ceiling Scare Tactics, reveals the truth about the mechanism by which Social Security checks would still go out, unless the President, or his Treasury Secretary acting at his direction, somehow chose to intervene to stop them.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I cannot make this point more clearly: President Barack Obama is lying to you, lying to senior citizens, and lying to the country at large on this issue.  He’s done it before, and his party is expert on making such threats, but what you now need to understand is that this is not accidental on his part.  It is done with the hateful and deceptive goal of frightening our senior citizens into opposing that which must be done for the long term fiscal health of our country.  I declare once more: Barack Obama is a liar.

What sort of person would endeavor to do such a thing?  What sort of cretinous knave would actually think it right and proper to employ such a tactic against our seniors, for the sake of his political future, the future of his party, or for any purpose whatever?  I’ll tell you: This has been the long and enduring tradition of one party, and one philosophy.  Only a statist sees people, whether seniors or children, or any other demographic you might cite, as objects of political tomfoolery in this way.  Only their bankrupt view of our people and their lives permit the tactic’s use:  The ends justify the means.

If you are a senior citizen, or you know and love one, you have a special responsibility upon reading this article and following the link to Mr. Saving’s article, above:  You must inform other seniors, and in fact every person you know, to inoculate them against the disease of economic terror that this lie is intended to spread.  President Obama doesn’t care in the least for our senior citizens, or anybody else for that matter.  What he cares about are his re-election prospects, and with every passing day, in recognition of the growing Obama disaster, his political clout is fading.  This is an act of desperation by a narcissistic villain, consumed with the maintenance of his own power at the expense of Americans, young and old;  man and woman;  rich and poor.  This is the sort of tactic you always see just ahead of the bottom falling out.

The truth is what you’ve always known it to be:  The outrageous deficits and debts cannot continue.  Despite the pretense of money-printing, there are no pennies from Heaven.  You can’t consume what you haven’t produced unless you steal it from others who have.  The President’s desperate ploy is intended to rouse you to your phones and in letter-writing, in order to preserve your meager income from a program that is actually protected in law from the sort of things with the President is threatening you.  This is the time in American history to stand against such lies, as we’ve never stood before.  Tell President Obama, along with all the other Machiavellian fear-mongers in Washington, DC:  The game is over, their time is up, and that you won’t fall prey to this treacherous lie.

Enough is enough President Obama.  You’re already destroying our country.  We won’t let you destroy our people, too.