Editor’s note: I ran across a letter posted in a private group on Facebook. I’ve obtained permission from both the poster, and the original author, her son, to re-post it here. His name is Geoff H. I read the letter, and as a veteran myself, I know the deep meaning behind the sentiments. This is our country, and we’ve lost a measure of respect and understanding for that which it had been established to be. His mother describes herself as a “brassy old broad,” but as others have pointed out, age isn’t an impediment to love of country, and clearly, this apple didn’t fall very far from the tree. Without further introduction, and thanks to Geoff H. and his understandably proud Mom, I give you this precious email:


This is not a political statement, but one thought about Freedom from my perspective…

Freedom should not be taken from us by any political party or the American Government, for any reason.. that is what makes us Americans…our right to govern ourselves, protected with Liberty by the Government… if America isn’t what we think it should be, maybe we should look in the mirror and ask how we got here? The shitty things we (America and Americans) do, are done by individuals, not by the idea of or our right to Freedom or to pursue Prosperity. Where has Accountability gone? Where have we let it go? Personal Accountability seems to have been replaced with something else.. what? We can look in the mirror and at the words and actions of our leaders and our citizens and find the answers… Elephants and Donkeys and most others seem to have been taking our eyes off of the Truth about Freedom.

The video clip below is one reminder (for me) of where we came from, and how far we have “progressed”… for me, it is one example of how our American history is not always as we hear about on TV and hear about and read in school.. I wonder why? It is one example of where our Freedom came from, and how it is being removed… bit by bit over time. Why? And the people in power don’t always seem to have our freedom in the forefront of their agendas.. why? What is in the forefront of their Agenda’s? Listen and they will tell you.. it is not Freedom, that is for sure!

I am not a “Senators Son”. I am not the heir to a throne or a province or estate.. I am supposed to be Free though. Free to live my life and prosper how I can or how I choose to. The Constitution was written to allow us to Govern ourselves, our life, our actions, allowing both good or bad consequences to be dealt with… Accountability under law. This was accomplished by 2 things.. providing us with Liberty (Freedom) and providing a secure land for us to Prosper as much as we can with our “God given talents” or the abilities we got through millions of years of “evolution”. Regardless of how you became what you are, it is your responsibility to Govern yourself and make your way, within the law. Depend and lean on each other, not the government.

Without Freedom and the concept of Personal Responsibility, what do you/I have?

Entitlement to a “free” food stamp from the government taken from another citizen who earned it?

Entitlement to a “free” check from the government taken from another citizen who earned it?

Entitlement to a “free” college tuition from the government taken from another citizen who earned it?

Entitlement to “free” healthcare from the government taken from another citizen who earned it?

Entitlement to one of thousands of “free” government programs (if you meet the criteria outlined by the agenda of the politician the made it)…race, sex, income, location, age, etc…) taken from another citizen who earned it? Why are some people more protected by our Government than others? I thought we are supposed to be Free and Equal?

Entitlement to “free” …. (fill in the blank)?

If you like, you can replace “taken from another citizen who earned it” and replace with “borrowed from another country or the Federal Reserve so another generation (or 10) can pay it back”…

Freedom is not Free… Nothing is Free… the debt must be paid!

If we do not depend and lean on each other, we are back to type of government that has ruled the earth forever.. an all powerful, central, controlling one.. what happens to Freedom?

Freedom gives you the opportunity to govern yourself and make your own way! Not, entitlement! The government that giveth, can and will taketh away… either through agenda, or because they cannot afford to any more (most countries in the world right now)… but at that point, the people are already dependent on the government for everything… so what happens? please look at every other country on earth! The debt must be paid…

Sorry.. that was much longer than I thought… It was much cheaper than seeing a therapist though J If you read all the way, thank you for listening to my opinion… I would love to hear yours!

If your opinion is different than mine, I am OK with that.. this is America… but, my opinion is based on what our country was meant to be, not what someone told me it “could be”… I have been shown many times over what it “could be” and I don’t like it very much… I will take Freedom any day of the week!


As often as I have sung our National anthem, I never knew there were more verses..